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Set the table for spring

I feed mostly black sunflower seeds in my yard feeders and throw out some chicken scratch for the ground-feeding birds.  But in springtime we have to change the menu a bit to attract spring migrants.  My hummingbird feeder is hung off the patio near some Red Columbine that is just beginning to bloom and adjacent […]

Drought takes a lickin’

Oklahoma has suffered through a two and one-half year drought, but Mother Nature seems to be smiling on us recently.  A series of three Pacific storms has put a lickin’ on this drought.  The previous two have the soil saturated and there is lots of water running into the lakes and ponds this morning.  The […]

Fouth of July precautions…

Independence Day this year comes in the middle of the week and spreads out the celebration longer than normal. Legions of Oklahomans spend this special holiday camping at the lake with their families.  It’s My rocking chair is ready for the Fourth. summer’s big holiday.  Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of […]