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Set the table for spring

I feed mostly black sunflower seeds in my yard feeders and throw out some chicken scratch for the ground-feeding birds.  But in springtime we have to change the menu a bit to attract spring migrants.  My hummingbird feeder is hung off the patio near some Red Columbine that is just beginning to bloom and adjacent […]

Norman’s Sutton Wilderness

Norman is blessed with a jewel of a little nature park that is easily accessed by all. Located at the corner of Rock Creek Road and 12 Ave. NE, Sutton Wilderness is operated as a city park by the City of Norman, on a long-term lease from the State of Oklahoma.  The property was once […]

Clean Line Energy, ODWC enter agreement on lesser prairie chicken habitat

Today’s Oklahoman announces an electricity transmission company interested in taking wind power from the Oklahoma Panhandle to other states has signed an agreement with state conservation officials to protect the habitat of the lesser prairie chicken during development of its projects. Photo: Wikipedia Commons. The lesser prairie chicken is a candidate for listing as a […]

Popular birding app on sale

For a couple of years now, I’ve always had a bird guide with me 24/7.  It’s iBird Explorer Pro loaded on my iphone.   It’s not the most comprehensive nor best source for identifying birds, but it’s my most used guide.  It’s especially useful because you can listen to a bird’s call and identify it […]

Owls dine on cicadas

Mark Dreiling of Bartlesville shares some unusual owl feeding habits with us.  He reports  two Great Horned Owls have been dining on emerging cicadas in his back yard for the past six years.  They show up at dusk when the cicadas begin their annual emergence.  Usually around 01 June and remain through August.  Mark pays […]

Rare for Oklahoma– Great Kiskadee sightings

The Great Kiskadee may be common  in the Rio Grande Valley, but he’s a rare bird in Oklahoma.  David Arbour, ODWC biologist at Red Slough in McCurtain County reports possible sightings of  two birds there.  This would be only the third documented record for the Sooner state.  The first sighting was on 05 May by […]

Hello Oklahoma nature lovers

A Variegated Fritillary on coreopsis in the back yard. Click photo to enlarge. Welcome to my brand new blog about Oklahoma nature.  I’ve been thinking about this blog for awhile.  There are a lot of good sites on the web about birding, wildlife, fishing, native plants, travel, Oklahoma nature events and festivals.  My goal is […]