Norman’s Sutton Wilderness

Norman is blessed with a jewel of a little nature park that is easily accessed by all. Located at the corner of Rock Creek Road and 12 Ave. NE, Sutton Wilderness is operated as a city park by the City of Norman, on a long-term lease from the State of Oklahoma.  The property was once […]

Seedlings available online

Fall is a great time to plant trees.  There is probably nothing better an individual can do for the environment than plant a tree.  Aside from their beauty, trees are the lungs of our planet and native species are a vital strand in the web of life, providing habitat for native insects, birds and wildlife.  […]

Feral cats harm wildlife

Heath Herje is an agribusiness educator for Cleveland County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. He writes a periodic column for The Norman Transcript.  I always enjoy his columns and I suspect other Oklahoma nature lovers will as well. Today’s column in the Transcript addresses the problem of feral and roaming cats preying on wildlife.  As many […]

Drought slows Oklahoma rivers

Today’s Oklahoman reports on the effects of the lingering drought on Oklahoma’s rivers. Illinois River photo courtesy of shopoklahoma.com People planning outdoor activities on our rivers this Independence week may be surprised to find familiar rivers aren’t flowing nearly as fast as they have come to expect. “The Illinois River is the lowest for this […]