The season is a changing …

We may not have a lot of fall color yet in the Oklahoma Cross Timbers, but the days are shorter and the cool fronts are beginning to visit us every 7-10 days.  The whitetails are noticing the cooler weather, too.  I generally attempt to photo deer this time of year when a cool front hits […]

Deer die of insect-borne disease

While Oklahomans are dealing with mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus they carry, the state’s deer herd is also being affected by insect-borne disease.  Biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Photo by L. Dillon.  Click to enlarge. Wildlife Conservation say a viral disease has been confirmed in at least one deer and may be related […]

An Oklahoma treasure…

I guess it’s no secret that the Wichita Mountains are one of my favorite haunts.  I go down every chance I get and I’m always rewarded with an abundance of animal and plant life. Photos by L. Dillon.  Click to enlarge. This little mixed grass prairie island has always been pretty much unsettled and devoid […]

Why do does have antlers?

Antlered  doe in late July at Lake Thunderbird.  Photo by L. Dillon Have you ever noticed that Oklahoma deer regulations don’t specify harvest of ‘bucks only’, but rather refer to ‘antlered deer’?  That’s because some does have antlers.  I first saw the antlered doe in the photo in 2009.  I’ve photographed her many times since.  […]

Profile of an Oklahoma naturalist…

Oklahoma is home to many folks that harbor a deep appreciation of the natural world.  Some are trained professionals, but most are just regular people who make a living doing something unrelated to nature and spend their spare time doing what they love.  Many pursue their passion through photography, spending weekends and stolen moments preserving […]