Grey Snow Eagle House

I recently enjoyed a visit to a uniquely Oklahoma facility just south of Perkins on Highway 177.  The Grey Snow Eagle House is an eagle rehabilitation center run by the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma.  This project  is one that all Oklahomans can be proud of and should be on the bucket list of every nature […]

ODWC approves prairie chicken plan

The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission has approved a final Oklahoma Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Plan with a goal to keep the iconic prairie bird off of the Endangered Species list and ultimately increase its presence in Oklahoma. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. The plan was presented for approval to the Commission at its November meeting […]

Quail numbers at all-time low

Photo by L. Dillon Each year the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation conducts roadside quail surveys in August and October to measure population indices and make a season forecast. The results of the August survey are now available. Rather than lead you down the road with a lot of numbers and statistics, we’ll just give […]

Seedlings available online

Fall is a great time to plant trees.  There is probably nothing better an individual can do for the environment than plant a tree.  Aside from their beauty, trees are the lungs of our planet and native species are a vital strand in the web of life, providing habitat for native insects, birds and wildlife.  […]

Feral cats harm wildlife

Heath Herje is an agribusiness educator for Cleveland County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. He writes a periodic column for The Norman Transcript.  I always enjoy his columns and I suspect other Oklahoma nature lovers will as well. Today’s column in the Transcript addresses the problem of feral and roaming cats preying on wildlife.  As many […]

After the fires..

The parched Oklahoma landscape erupted in a number of recent wildfires that have been devastating to many people’s lives and property.  Since this is a nature blog I’m going to focus on the natural aspect USFW image. of fires other than to point out that many people lost homes, barns and equipment because they allowed […]

Clean Line Energy, ODWC enter agreement on lesser prairie chicken habitat

Today’s Oklahoman announces an electricity transmission company interested in taking wind power from the Oklahoma Panhandle to other states has signed an agreement with state conservation officials to protect the habitat of the lesser prairie chicken during development of its projects. Photo: Wikipedia Commons. The lesser prairie chicken is a candidate for listing as a […]