Set the table for spring

I feed mostly black sunflower seeds in my yard feeders and throw out some chicken scratch for the ground-feeding birds.  But in springtime we have to change the menu a bit to attract spring migrants.  My hummingbird feeder is hung off the patio near some Red Columbine that is just beginning to bloom and adjacent […]

Coming soon to your neighborhood

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Oklahoma, but this morning the north wind is howling and I have the fireplace roaring.  The only thing consistent about spring weather on the plains is the wind.  One day it blows 30 mph from the south and the next day it blows 30 mph from the north.  […]

Predator and prey …

Nature seems harsh to some people.  To a naturalist it seems logical.  It’s all a part of an on-going process called the balance of nature and evolution. And yes, Homo sapiens is as much a part of the process as some obscure amoeba. Photo by L. Dillon.  Click to enlarge. Today I witnessed a predation […]

A sign of spring …

I blogged on my Bluebird Diary this morning about a sure sign of spring on the reddirt hill I call home.  Thought Oklahoma nature lovers would enjoy reading about my backyard bluebirds. See photos of my bluebirds on flickr

Waterfowl numbers down

Ask most any birder or waterfowl hunter how many ducks they have been seeing this winter and the answer is fewer than normal.  I throw my vote in with that lot as well.  The numbers on our ponds have been really low– just like the water level. A male Hooded Merganser.  Photo by L. Dillon […]

Grey Snow Eagle House

I recently enjoyed a visit to a uniquely Oklahoma facility just south of Perkins on Highway 177.  The Grey Snow Eagle House is an eagle rehabilitation center run by the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma.  This project  is one that all Oklahomans can be proud of and should be on the bucket list of every nature […]

Winter eagle watching

Majestic Bald Eagles begin arriving in Oklahoma in November and December to spend the winter. Although we have a few breeding pairs in the state, most are here only in winter around the larger lakes and head back north by March.  Good numbers are being reported now.  I’ve seen a lone eagle several times at […]