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Predator and prey …

IMG_2115 ldNature seems harsh to some people.  To a naturalist it seems logical.  It’s all a part of an on-going process called the balance of nature and evolution. And yes, Homo sapiens is as much a part of the process as some obscure amoeba.

Photo by L. Dillon.  Click to enlarge.

Today I witnessed a predation down on the ponds that will no doubt upset some of my neighbors..  One of our local redtails took a Pekin/mallard cross that has been around since last summer.  Some of the kids had even given her a name.

Predators have evolved over time to become faster, smarter, stronger, camoflaged or whatever to enable them to catch prey and survive.  In the natural world prey evolve along with the predators.  They too become smarter, faster, better camoflaged or whatever and a balance is struck.  When things get out of balance, it’s often the doing of man.  This redtail would be hard-pressed to catch and kill one of the wild ducks on the ponds.  But, this duck is a cross between a domestic Pekin and a mallard.  This mix probably occurred because someone bought a cute fluffy little duck at the feed store and then released on someone’s pond when it was no longer amusing.  There it mated with a wild mallard.  The result was a duck that was set back a few hundred generations and had to try to survive in the wild.  We see how that worked out.


One comment on “Predator and prey …

  1. Sad but true. Nature has a way of taking back the course.

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