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Drought takes a lickin’

IMG_1626_tonemappedOklahoma has suffered through a two and one-half year drought, but Mother Nature seems to be smiling on us recently.  A series of three Pacific storms has put a lickin’ on this drought.  The previous two have the soil saturated and there is lots of water running into the lakes and ponds this morning.  The western third of the state is in a genuine white-out blizzard and the rest of us are getting significant rain.  And this storm is far from over.  The backside will swing around this afternoon and the eastern two-thirds of the state will get snow.

Big February snowflakes seen from my study porch.

It will be interesting to see what this storm does to deep soil moisture levels and how much runoff our dismal looking lakes will receive.  This one just might be the ‘drought buster’.  If this weather pattern holds, there may even be more of this for us in a few days.

Oklahoma is blessed with the most unique weather reporting system in the nation.  If you haven’t checked out the Oklahoma Mesonet, you should.  To see the latest 24-hour rainfall and about any other weather statistic for the state visit http://www.mesonet.org/


One comment on “Drought takes a lickin’

  1. Got Coffee!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

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