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Whoopers on Lake Hefner

If you’ve never seen America’s largest endangered bird and live in Oklahoma, today is your chance.  Two migrating Whooping Cranes are on Lake Hefner.  Oklahoma birding boards are alive with chatter about such a rare bird right in metro OKC.  Unfortunately I’m in the Dallas area for Thanksgiving or I’d be out there with my scope and camera.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

As of 7:40 Thanksgiving morning the two birds are along the south shoreline with some Canada Geese. They seem to be hanging around the shoreline in the southwest corner of the lake near Prairie Dog Point.  I suspect one would have to only look for a jam of parked cars and gaggling birders with large scopes and lenses.  It’s great that so many can enjoy a glimpse of these magnificent birds.  Just remember that migration is hard enough on birds without additional pressure from crane watchers.  If you get close enough to make an endangered species change its behavior, you’re too close.


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