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Mowing methods that protect wildlife

I’m pleased to see a good conservation article in the Norman Transcript written by Heath Herje with the Cleveland County Cooperative Extension service.  He points out that simply changing the timing and mowing pattern  of a hayfield can save wildlife from being killed.  While his article is directed at those in agriculture, the mowing patterns can be used on acreages and even city lots.  Photo by L. Dillon.  Click to enlarge.

“…A simple haying action that can reduce mortality is to avoid mowing from the outside perimeter of a field toward the inside. Instead, start in the center and mow outward. This will ensure animals do not flee the equipment toward the center only to find cover shrinking and feel trapped. Alternatively, consider mowing starting on one side of the field and work your way across the field rather than cutting the field around the entire perimeter. Both of these alternate methods allow for animals to escape through existing cover to the perimeter of the field and generally do not increase time or fuel costs to the operator. …”

Kudos to Heath for some excellent advice that will save wildlife.

Read the article at http://normantranscript.com/business-beat/x1301512042/Mowing-methods-that-protect-wildlife


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