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Insect collection workshops slated at OSU

Insect collection workshops slated at The Botanic Garden at OSU

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail by L. Dillon.
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahomans who have a curiosity about the fascinating world of insects will have the opportunity to expand their interest through a series of educational workshops that will take place at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University.

Laura Payne, volunteer coordinator at The Botanic Garden, said they are joining forces with the OSU Insect Adventure to present “What’s the Buzz About Bugs.”

“This series of classes will meet one day per month for four months and participants will learn the process of making an insect collection,” Payne said. “Insect collections are a great way to learn about the incredible diversity of insects.”

Four workshops are scheduled with the first on July 21.  Still time to register and make all four.  Read more at http://www.dasnr.okstate.edu/Members/trisha.gedon-40okstate.edu/insect-collection-workshops-slated-at-the-botanic-garden-at-osu/


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