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Profile of an Oklahoma naturalist…

Oklahoma is home to many folks that harbor a deep appreciation of the natural world.  Some are trained professionals, but most are just regular people who make a living doing something unrelated to nature and spend their spare time doing what they love.  Many pursue their passion through photography, spending weekends and stolen moments preserving little frozen glimpses of nature gleaned from the diverse Oklahoma countryside.

Today’s digital cameras have turned most of us into decent photographers, but a camera can’t provide the knowledge of the outdoors and the passion to spend time in the field, sometimes waiting hours for that special shot.  I recently became aware of Gene Blackwell’s photography when he shared some images with our Oklahoma Nature Pics group on flickr.  Gene lives down in the Ouachitas on a small ranch near Heavener where he raises goats, horses and Anatolian Shepherds.  His photography indicates he has a fair amount of wildlife on his property as well.  Gene says “The farm keeps me busy but I can usually work in an hour or so daily down along creek.”

I’ve not seen a finer collection of wildlife photos from any Sooner photographer– professionals included.  Gene’s knowledge of wildlife and dedication to get the shot shine throughout his work.  He doesn’t post many images to groups, so you have to seek out his outstanding photography.  Do yourself a favor and check out his photostream on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/79586501@N04/with/7158358269/  and don’t forget to stop by our Oklahoma Nature Pics group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/1941297@N20/pool/

Special thanks to Gene for sharing his photography.  Click photos to enlarge.


One comment on “Profile of an Oklahoma naturalist…

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